About Brain train...ing

At Brain training...ing, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive education and training programs in the field of wellness and self-improvement. Our expert trainers offer seminars and experiential trainings in stress management, goal achievement, meditation, mindfulness and self-improvement. We also specialize in helping businesses improve employee wellbeing, enhance communication skills and promote a positive work environment.


Our principles

people sitting on chair
people sitting on chair

Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.


Find balance in your life through mindfulness and stress management techniques.

Effective communication

Learn how to communicate effectively with your employees and customers for better relationships and success.

Meet the Co-founder

Irini - Tonia Fountoulaki

The program manager and the founder of the wellness education center is Irini Antonia Foundoulaki.

Irini is a dedicated professional who is active in the field of self-improvement seminars.

Irini started her professional journey with studing and working in marketing, strengthed her skills in this field. However, her passion for improving people's quality of life pushed her to evolve even further. She obtained certifications as NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and specialized in mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral techniques.

Her dedication to personal development and psychology has taken her even further. Soon, she decided to study psychology, where she will soon complete her studies. This reflects her never-ending interest in understanding the human psycology and her desire to help others face life's challenges.

Today, Irini works as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and is a lecturer in seminars she organizes. Through her experience and knowledge, she offers participants the tools to deal with stress, discover a mindful, stress-free lifestyle by improving every aspect of their lives.

Her vision is to create a world where every person accepts themselves for who they are, without the burden of stress and negative thoughts. With her passionate work and countless experience she has gained, she actively contributes to the achievement of this vision, giving people the tools to discover power, well-being and happiness in their lives.

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